Finally, a proper heatsink for the µBITX! I figured out a way to mount it independent of the back panel which will make it easier to work on.

But what an effort it was to get it all together. Getting the aluminum spacer drilled and tapped was the cause of much anguish, and till done it consumed 2 drill bits and two taps that are still embedded in the block. I also needed to unsolder and reposition one of the transistor for it to fit.

@ab3xu Wait, I'm confused. I thought the finals were a push-pull. Is the drain commoN?

@bamfic you're right they are push-pull - the OP picture is of a dry fit. Below is with silicon pads and washers to isolate them from the HS

@ab3xu Beautiful. That is one beast of a heat sink; in that picture it looks almost as big as the PCB. I have been wanting to get one of these wonderful little boards. Will I need to do as you have done, to dissipate the heat at 10W?

Hah, I hadn't thought of the size in comparison to the main board!

It depends on what modes you want to operate on. For SSB the stock heatsinks are supposed to be okay, but for digital modes, especially something like FT8, the recommendation is for something bigger. I guess by going as large as I have I'm hoping to be future proof.

@ab3xu looks nice!

Tapping small holes is a horrible job, I broke several small taps making a metal base for a mechanical keyboard last year but it was worth it!

@m0puh yeah there's something satisfying about tapping a hole. Unless it's a #4-40 through ½" 😕 The last that broke was even with the tap guide and all clapped down.

@ab3xu So frustrating and yet so satisfying!

The cuts into the side of small taps look like they go almost all the way through, it's hardly surprising they break. It makes me wonder what is used in industry.

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