50Ω dummy load for testing ham radio transmitters built into a quart paint can. When complete it will be filled with mineral oil to help dissipate the heat.

My mistake was in following the directions! My beautifully soldered resistor network didn't fit in the can. Crimping them made it small enough to fit through the opening.

Next step will to build a nano powered power meter that will plug into to banana jacks.

@M0YNG thanks!* I wish I had made my own calculations before soldering. The crimping worked for reducing the diameter, but I would rather have had it look neater in the end.

* wayback I was certified in precision soldering for USAF spacecraft, so now days I feel some pain when I look at some of current my work... :(

@ab3xu I want to know more about your spacecraft soldering!

Also, please never look at my soldering...

@ab3xu I need to make one of these for my shack

Yeah, I've needed a dummy load forever, I'm glad I made it.

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