Getting set up for ARRL DX Contest, which starts in 4 hours.

Spent a few hours working a CW station for the K0RRT team for .

I just registered for Contest University in May. Pretty excited about that, and going to Hamvention for the first time.

NAQCC January Sprint starts in 30 minutes. Y'all ready?

If you're interested in SDR and gnu radio, this series of books is pretty good. Field Expedient SDR.

Anyone else get into the NAQP CW contest yesterday? I made a whopping 27 Qs. That's good for over 300 points, y'all.

Bands are pretty empty tonight. In spite of my best effort, my CW QSO-a-day plan has already fallen apart.

Aww yeah...I just worked TZ4AM in Mali on 40m CW.

I set up an ADS-B tracker on an old Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle. Kind of interesting, I guess.

I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday season. I haven't been in the air much the last few days... The weather in Missouri had been so nice, I've been taking advantage outside

I drive to work usually around 5:30 - 6:30 AM CST, and usually have the mobile DMR on. Is anyone else on around that time?

Well, I had a couple of hours of fun in the 10m contest, but the band seems to have fallen off for tonight. I hope someone switches it back on in the morning.

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Ham Radio has been added to mastodon trunk! :-)

Please all hams and those with an interest please submit yourselves and help new masto users find their fellow hams:

Please boost!

I got a QSL card from a shortwave listener in the Netherlands. He heard me make a few Qs in the ARRL Sweepstakes contest a couple of weeks ago. That's a first for me.

Anyone planning to jump into the CQWW contest this weekend?

I've enjoyed getting into the CW Sweepstakes contest this morning, and a little bit last night.

The LCD TV I use for my radio shack computer monitor is adding about 4 S-units of noise on 40m.

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