Did corona affect how ham radio license tests are conducted in your country?

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Just had a great QSO with @WD1F! Thanks Don. I’m glad my ID51 factory reset did the trick.

Trying out again. Monitoring reflector REF038A. Hopefully my factory reset of ID-51 is still working. Hope to eventually chat with some of you on the air. I guess there is some “air” between my HT and OpenSPOT! I hope to be back on HF soon from new QTH. 73!


Hey everyone, a supernova just went off in Cassiopeia!!!! Right now it is in the early stage so only visible by telescope but after a few days it is likely to be visible to the naked eye. Supernovas are fairly rare so might want to make some time to see this one!

#astronomy #Astrophotography #space #science

Wow. Had my first major glitch with my ID-51 HT. I could connect to reflectors and hear traffic but my TX audio was never getting across. This is a setup I’ve used for years with no issues. I did troubleshooting on OpenSPOT3, my ISP, switched to using my iPhone as a WiFI hotspot, wiped my OpenSPOT3, dug out my old OpenSPOT2, etc. Finally tried a different radio and problem solved. Then did a complete factory reset on ID-51 and got it working again. I’ll try REF038A again in the morning.

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Short intro!

I'm trying to get back into ham radio. I've had license since 1999, but just now building my first HF setup. I have a lot to learn.

I'm currently interested about learning HF and digimodes (FT-8, JS8Call, VARA). Just a bit over 10 QSOs on logbook now. I also hope going outdoors portable to do WWFF activations when it's not freezing cold in northern Finland.

Currently I have second hand FT-891 and temporary random wire antenna to get on air. 73

2445. Checkbox 

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For anyone on , I am monitoring reflector REF038A for the next couple of hours. Seems pretty quiet.

@ve6bbs I use dmr so ...

For my 2p I would prefer it is these modes
1. Were open standards that us amateurs could implement ourselves (eg freeDV)
2. Didn't require the internet

So today I chatted with a buddy for the first time over Wires-X (different cities). I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, it was cool that it worked. On the other, it seems like we’ve both bought fairly expensive specialized radio equipment, to talk to a very specialized repeater, which talks to (and requires) the Internet to work. Seems like Signal or WhatsApp would be fewer moving parts and much less latency. I’m not sure why I would do this?

I created a W8HF Keybase account for secure communications. I thought maybe other Amateur Radio operators might be doing the same. Anyone have experience with this? I like that it appears you can create an account without an email or phone number.


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