Hello, name's Donovan, Technician Licensed in Feb '22, Currently In Classes for General Exam May 31st.
Joined local group
Interested in getting started in &
/ in 2023?
Outside of radio,

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@W6AIT if you have questions as you get started with feel free to ask!

@ParksOnTheAir Thanks! I've been researching, hoping to take the family out for a day trip and try to activate soon!

@W6AIT Nice! I was first licensed as KD6ILQ in 1992, thanks to MDARC.

@n0aw that's pretty cool, club has some long history. I took the Tech test with them but this time taking the General classes as well.

@W6AIT Warm welcome! Wouldn't that mean you'd have a new callsign, comes June? If so, I do hope you soon have reason to change your Fediverse handle then! 😉

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