Guess I’ll start Tooting? Cute.
My personal best activation was 4/24/22, even if it was my second one at the time. I set a Lofty goal for 100 QSO’s, as I Chauffeured my wife to see her girlfriends. Time was sorta limited.
I set up my gear and self spotted. In roughly 3 hours I made 225 contacts, and some DX as well.
I was absolutely blown away and over the moon with the results.

Cingratulations! I was already beaming with pride when I reached a similar QSO count at the end of a 24 hour contest last year (and still count it as an achievement). But in just some three hours! Wow!

Which band(s) and mode(s)?


@dj3ei I had one or two on 15, Hawaii was 15m contact which amazed me. A few 17m and the rest were 20m. All contacts were SSB at 100w!

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