Here is a question for you all. I would love to see how you guys respond. 
Which antenna do you like to use most:
A Resonant type antenna, or non-resonant type antenna?
And what is your reasoning. Doesn’t have to be elaborate. In the end, any antenna is better than no antenna.
I’ll go first. 
I personally love resonant type antennas most.
Yes, there is initial setup and build which includes tuning, but the benefits are no tuner or in-field adjustments.

First POTA out of state. K-3096. Willard bay. Bands were not to cooperative, but I managed to scrape 14 contacts. I think there was a big sun flair that baked the ionosphere. Weather was wonderful, with a nice breeze the whole time.

Guess I’ll start Tooting? Cute.
My personal best activation was 4/24/22, even if it was my second one at the time. I set a Lofty goal for 100 QSO’s, as I Chauffeured my wife to see her girlfriends. Time was sorta limited.
I set up my gear and self spotted. In roughly 3 hours I made 225 contacts, and some DX as well.
I was absolutely blown away and over the moon with the results.

Hey All.
Never used mastodon before so please excuse me as I learn.

I’m a colorado ham. Had my ticket for under two years. I’m currently a general class and hope to get my extra soon.

I love to tinker and experiment with things. Breaking stuff and fixing it is one of the ways I learn! I built my own LiFePo4 battery system for use at home and in the field.
Favorite thing is .
QRZ has a current list of my hardware and setup.


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