Hello everyone. I'm James VE3PHZ. I am located just outside Ottawa, Canada. I've been an avid radio enthusiast since my youth. From shortwave, to scanners, to CB and now the amateur bands, my passion to tune in and hear what's out there has always been a hobby I enjoy. I am in IT by trade but also enjoy cycling, camping, and music.

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@VE3PHZ Welcome, James! Hope you like it here!

One more IT-person. So am I, and several others here.

If you like to monitor what's up, you possibly may enjoy installing the JS8Call digimode program, hooking it up to your RX, setting the RX to, e.g., the 40 m JS8 frequency, letting the whole thing run for an evening, and then sifting through the ALL.TXT file JS8Call generates. JS8 allows message storage+retrieval and ragchew, so this just might dig up some interesting stuff.

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