I’m Charles VE2FXO, currently located on the island of Montreal, Grid FN35EL.

I am a computer networking guy by trade with a keen interest in digital voice and data communications for amateur radio. I am exploring federated networks such as Mastodon to have a better, less constrained online experience and to stop using the services that harvest my personal data for their profit.

Cheers and 73 de VE2FXO

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@VE2FXO @Robotnik aussi est une VA2 très sympathique :) Elle veut se faire une yagi orientée vers MTL pour sniffer les packets AIS de bateaux.
@jpeg @VE2FXO Bienvenue Charles! Warm welcome to a fellow HAM!

I hope to have cool radio conversations with you here. 😎

@Robotnik @jpeg merci beaucoup, yes I would enjoy this a lot, I’m working on a few fun projects here and I’ll make sure to share them with you and jpeg :-)

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