Out of curiosity I took apart a Meraki MR33 Wifi Access Point to see how the antennas were installed on both 2.4 and 5.8Ghz.

Bear in mind that these APs can be flashed to OpenWRT when your cloud subscription with Cisco ends, although I have not done it yet.

@Robotnik @jpeg merci beaucoup, yes I would enjoy this a lot, I’m working on a few fun projects here and I’ll make sure to share them with you and jpeg :-)

@jpeg @VE2FXO Bienvenue Charles! Warm welcome to a fellow HAM!

I hope to have cool radio conversations with you here. 😎
@VE2FXO @Robotnik aussi est une VA2 très sympathique :) Elle veut se faire une yagi orientée vers MTL pour sniffer les packets AIS de bateaux.

Temperature-controlled PWM fan project for a small repeater using a Motorola 25 watt radio using recycled 4 wire server fans. Controller used here is a ZFC39 hooked to a DC-DC concerter but final design will use 13.8v directly off the radio.

I’m Charles VE2FXO, currently located on the island of Montreal, Grid FN35EL.

I am a computer networking guy by trade with a keen interest in digital voice and data communications for amateur radio. I am exploring federated networks such as Mastodon to have a better, less constrained online experience and to stop using the services that harvest my personal data for their profit.

Cheers and 73 de VE2FXO

@M0YNG thank you for the welcome, best 73 to you and everyone else on this server!


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