Hi, i'm Milosz, from SP. I have a loooong (25y.) break and reactivate licence last month. I'm present on already, but decided to keep hamradio topics on separate account. Interested in , , projects, i would like to try / . Committed to , openhardware and programming.

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@SP9UNB @solarius is into Ham radio too. He’s not on Mastodon right now, but plans to return.

@SP9UNB Greetings, Milosz, and a warm welcome!

I'm less often QRV than I'd like to, but we may chat one day via if you're into . Warszawa (your QTH) - Berlin (my QTH) should be easy, e.g., on 40 m in the evening, if the electronic gizmos of our respective neighbors don't pollute the bands. Both of us are stations, but I expect this distance to "just work".

@SP9UNB Welcome back. Noticing #sstv in your interests. Check out for times when the international space station (#iss) is broadcasting SSTV.

The next event is May 11-13:….

I received some nice images using an outside "Flowerpot" antenna (an end-fed halfwave vertical) into a 2m handheld, which as placed 100mm/4in from a desk-mike connected to my PC running #qsstv.

@gmoretti As a starter, a perfect choice with my (so far) poor equipment: 2m/70cm FM handheld and a half-wave vertical antenna.

@gmoretti Unfortunately it has already been: 11-13 April ☹️ . Looking forward to the next...

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