A friend who has no idea I’ve been thinking about pianos just emailed straight out of the blue and said “hey do you want a free piano” 👀

I said no. I still don’t have anywhere to put one nor the budget to have it properly moved to tuned

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🎹 Free piano (you move) Greater Boston, boosts+ 

Anyone in greater Boston looking for a free piano? Friend of a friend has a Baldwin upright that has been well cared for, but is looking to get rid of it ASAP. Probably going to be junked if they can't find a taker. 🎹

If you're interested let me know and I'll see if I can make the appropriate connections

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RadioGlobe Takes the World of Internet Radio for a Spin

There’s no denying that the reach and variety of internet radio is super cool. The problem is that none of the available interfaces really give the enormity of the thing the justice it deserves. We… hackaday.com/2020/07/27/radiog

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/12

Maybe ham masto will recognize this one.

Does ANYONE remember Rocky's Boots?
Edutainment game for the Apple ][e.
Teaches basic logic gates through a puzzle solver.

I've asked SO MANY software nerds about this and nobody else seems to remember it. Did I imagine it? Who the eff taught me logic circuits then? EXPLAIN THAT!!!

Last Radio Station! KPH Point Reyes Radio, formerly RCA station still alive as living museum.

Here's a little poetry in Morse Code, I am sending with a beautiful J-36 chrome semiautomatic key made by I1QOD Alberto Frattini, an retired aircraft machinist and one of the best operators around. I've never used a semiautomatic key that could send dots for over two minutes. Enjoy the Morse melody from N1EA and Merry Christmas to all.

N1EA David 1st license 1965, WN1DRS USA Novice, then 1965 USA General WA1DRS 1967 Amateur Extra WA1DRS, 1977 Secondary callsign N1EA, 1986 dropped WA1DRS, took N1EA as primary callsign. Commercial FCC licenses: First-class Radiotelephone with ship radar endorsement, First-class Radiotelegraph with radar and 6 months sea service endorsements. USA 1980-1996. Member -LM

@M0YNG All you links result in File Not Found errors.
For example this link: mastodon.radio/explore%E2%80%8

I don't know if it's my locale settings or yours. I'm running utf-8.


David N1EA

Hello Christopher,

Please add me to the amateur radio directory. It seems to have only 15 people in it, but it requires at least 10 friends to be a member. Obviously the rule was just changed. Thank you, 73 DE N1EA David


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