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Here's a new kind of commission I've done - I was asked to redesign the icon for Tusky (, the open source Android Mastodon client, based on their mascot.

This redesign includes a themed icon for Android 13+ and a cute new notification icon ^^

It's not in the app yet, but it will be soon!

I will be activating VE-1064 for the first time around 1800Z today. Watch for me on 20m SSB !

:alex_thinking: is probably a suboptimal choice for a new project in 2022 right?

But if I want it to be cheap and easy for people to host, it seems best for that?

I plan on activating VE-1086 for the first time ever today sometime after noon Central. Probably closer to 1pm, I will start on 20m SSB //cc @ParksOnTheAir

Hello! Happy to join. Thanks for the welcome.

I'm a new ham. I've been working on my little Xeigu G90 and am attempting to learn . I have an 80m EFHW with a homemade unun. and look interesting to me. I'm curious about and other . I've played a bit with , and . I should try HF phone, but I have .

I program a bit for fun ( ). I like the outdoors (). I recently retired.

UK Events, TV adverts 

It seems that most "main" TV channels (BBC1, ITV, etc.) are covering the news, and their sub-channels (BBC3, E4, etc.) are showing a banner saying "a major news has happened, go watch the other channel"

This banner is over the bottom of the show, but goes away during adverts!
Presumably because it would cover the important tiny legal text?

UKTV (Dave, etc.) have given up and are just showing their logo and ambient music rather than adverts

The "Tour of Britain" cycle event is coming through the village tomorrow.

Does anyone know if there is any radio stuff to listen in to?

I found this OFCOM document, but it's about how teams, TV, etc. can get licenses for the event, not the frequencies allocated

Tech/racist grump 

@mstrohm @creator «I associate "master" with "master tape"»

Well, you're wrong, it's derived from master/slave. Quote from Linus himself in my article here, with sources linked:

Is there a fun German word for "suddenly remembering you have an important meeting today that you've done no preparation for"?

- /P with 2m / 70cm HT; Foundation in Dec 2021; training for Intermediate Q3/4 2022. West Sussex is home. The fields are my QTH.

Sitting and filling out some QSL cards. Got me thinking.....

Do you send out QSL cards?

If you want to transfer your Mastodon account from one server to another, here's a step by step guide on how to do it:

(I've re-written and extended the version previously posted, to make everything clearer. The old version left some things unclear.)


Hi all,

I'm a new ham that picked up the hobby with the goal of being able to use APRS tracking for a Raspberry Pi near-space weather balloon project (that has yet to get off the ground). I found the material interesting so continued to learn, but I live in a very rural location without elmers and so have minimal real-world experience. I've built a few cheapo Chinese CW rigs and a 40M inverted V but have yet to use them. Thanks for welcoming me in!

Tell me the backup didn't work without telling me the backup didn't work

$ du -hs *
140M 64gSD

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