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really enjoying js8, will have to play more but now, probably bed.

Why does record the mode as MFSK in its own log file?

< 00003400: 0000 8843 0000 8843 4000 0000 0000 1100 ...C...C@.......
> 00003400: 4523 6113 9978 4644 4000 0000 0000 1100 E#a..xFD@.......

Can you see where I changed a frequency from 438.8MHz to 136.12345MHz?
Also 438.8 to 444.67899

The Baofeng software is so bad I'm currently looking at a codeplug in a hex editor... I suspect it might be easier to tweak this than use the actual software...

Looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and use the manufacturer software in windows to sort out the 1702.

This software is just the worst.

Putting in contacts, sorted alphabetically by alias - which means they MOVE AROUND as you put them in!

Well that didn't last very long.

Found an updated firmware for the 1702, so thought "let's dump the one it has now first."

So I did.
Then I thought "let's be sure I can get it back to that."
Well, I can't.

So I thought "whatever, let's try the new firmware".

That also didn't work.

So now I have a DMR brick :(

My dm1702 arrived.

So far impressions are not as good as the Anytone.

Having some ... fun ... getting it set up on linux. seems the best hope.

A friend of mine from i3Detroit has started an interesting thread on Reddit, asking why FCC ULS records need to be public, including the change history. Every ham effectively doxxes themselves every time they key up...and it is a turn-off to the hobby for many minorities.

What's the best open source software to install new in 2020?

hot take but the reason the British press has doubled down on making these small points into a culture war is so they can just ignore the systemic racism in Britain entirely, ignore the fact we've never come to terms with our colonialism in the past and the present, and to try and discredit the black lives matter movement.

they won't talk about the violence, they won't talk about the deaths, they won't talk about the systemic impoverishment, but fuck me Little Britain which is a show containing shit loads of ableism, blackface, casual islamophobia, and loads of other really bad 'jokes' gets taken down and suddenly everybody has a piece out on 'cancel culture' and 'the SJWs'

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Cheap webcam from ebay has arrived! Now I can watch my radio in the shack as I operate.

Need to find a more efficient software to do that with though, WSJTX struggles to keep up with decodes when 50% of all the CPU cores are being used for video.

Been playing with pypacket over direwolf/rtl_sdr recently.

Functionality it's not like-for-like, some differences on the front end regarding how it reports beacons and so on, but nice to see another tool actively in development, engaging with users.

Contact (in English) planned with Chris Cassidy KF5KDR from 🛰️

📻 145.800 MHz NFM
🗓️ Tuesday 2020-06-16 12:25:00 UTC

Radio Question

Do you call CQ when using a repeater?

I seem to remember being told it was considered not polite, and don't hear it often.
But I do hear it some times.

Do you call CQ, or just say you are there for any calls?

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