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Ham Radio has been added to mastodon trunk! :-)

Please all hams and those with an interest please submit yourselves and help new masto users find their fellow hams:

Please boost!

Done, we should now be running the latest version of mastodon (2.6.1)

Any issues, please let me know.

Currently updating the instance to v2.6.1

It should be seamless - but you never know. Apologies for any downtime.

#instance #admins, #new #users toot #introductions without hashtagged #interests, and I suspect they do because they aren't aware only the hashtagged keywords are searchable. I see #tutorials and #guides omit this useful hint, but I don't know why.

Any new users eager to quickly redraft their #introduction to hashtag their interests to compare difference in speed and quantity of #follows?

I used to search weekly for hashtag-rich intros to boost; they're rarer now.

I'm probably going to try updating the instance to mastodon 2.6.1 this evening.

Hey all, Chris here. KD0CQ. I'm a 40-something SDR, electronics, and linux geek licensed since the mid 90's and hold a near extinct Advanced Class license. Enjoy all facets of ham radio, especially satellites and the microwave bands but spend most of my time on HF as there are very few uW active hams in my region. Also enjoy homebrewing my gear where I can, and kit building. It's both a joy and a nightmare. I mod /r/RTLSDR & /r/hamfest on reddit and you can also @ me on twitter.

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Its Halloween! I am far too excited to get the smoke machines and lights set up for the trick or treating later 😁 🎃

Hello, I'm not licensed at all, only an electronic designer, and I love especially RF and high speed digital (FPGA design). I have few opensource projects going on like a baseband to refit old VNA test set, see: (yes I'm an electrolab member) and project like LNA for 8.4GHz.I'm also on twitter and IRC :)

Is it good ? :)

😔 It's that time of the year when I think, "maybe I should turn the light on" in the morning

@M0YNG perhaps play from GitHub?
Mac hosted so probably not exactly what you are looking for, but it’s based on Icecast and that looks like it works anywhere.

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