Might go play radio up a hill today, will anyone be there to talk to?

I got a pager!

I'm hoping that I can swap the crystal and bring it into the 70cm amateur band.

Anyone have any experience with this?
It's a Scope GEO 40A9M and the back says 454-460 MHz

It looks like a 21.4MHz crystal.

Looks like I'm going to be at the National Hamfest 🇬🇧 on Saturday.

Anyone else in the fediverse plan to be there?

I'm doing a talk about at @G5BK later this week.

I wonder if you can help?

What do you use aprs for?
What cool aprs features do people not know about that I should mention?

Looking at the Irish license conditions, they have a much stricter requirement for logging than the UK (which is basically "if you want to")

Wondering how this compares to other countries?

🇮🇪 comreg.ie/publication-download

🇬🇧 ofcom.org.uk/__data/assets/pdf

Just had a great qso with G0MYD and 2E0MYD.

They were bumbling around looking for a place to play radio, and I think a pub.

2E0MYD is deaf, and between a speech to text app on her phone, and good quality FM audio both ways, we had a good and easy qso (from this end anyway!)

I'm very impressed, and glad I took the time to plug in my radios and call CQ!

Why don't you go call CQ now? You never know!

I have been asked if I'd like to make a sensible offer on some tnc hardware... But I don't know what would be a sensible offer, or if I want these, over a TNC-Pi or direwolf...

What do you think?

Pakratt pk232
Pakratt pk232-mbx
Tiny 2 tnc + 9600 addon board

I have been lent an ELAD FDM-S1 to play with.

Apparently I now need to learn GNU Radio too!

Any help / guides / examples very welcome...
Ideally I'd like to rig this up to a Raspberry Pi and be able to load it up in the browser to tune around from desktop/laptop/phone (like the kiwiSDR)

Sure I saw this video linked on here, by someone...


Very interesting, and now I want to try it!

I saved it to watch later, but only the URL, so apologies for giving credit.

Enjoying exploring the network ... I wonder if we could set up a gopher server to be accessible via RF / ? I know there are allocations of IP addresses specifically for packet radio ... could be an interesting project.

It's wet, but let's try this! I'm going to be on 40m for a bit. In the rain. In the car.

If you want to find who else is mastodon.radio, have a look at my followers. Everyone joining automatically follows me, so it's a good place to start if you want to fill up your time line. There are also some hams from other instances.

I have a question for the community.
On the birdsite we'd use or to tag our radio related messages.
But here we have a radio specific instance, so do we need to?
However, this instance federates with others, and there are people who are interested in radio, but don't have accounts on this instance, so would tagging messages help them get involved?
Searching only works on usernames and hashtags, so that might make it more important. But your full account includes mastodon.radio...


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