Updating the firmware and contact database on my anyone 878... It's slow...

@M0YNG I sold mine yesterday. I had multiple reason for that - the 14s boot time was one of them.

@michael did you upgrade to anything? I do feel like I missed out by getting the v1 hardware, but I've had a few years of using it before the full aprs and Bluetooth stuff became available.

@M0YNG I had the v1, then the v2. It made not much of a difference for me since analog APRS RX is still semi broken. It receives but the decoding is unreliable. The whole radio make the impression of good hardware but mediocre software to me. I still have the GD77 and the Motorola SL1600 for DMR but have now ordered a FT5DE. It will have full duplex (awesome for SAT), full APRS and analog audio recording (also awesome for SAT). There's a cashback program for the FT5D so it became more affordable

@michael @M0YNG I have done every set up I could find and never got APRS working on mine. The range has been pretty good though

@michael @M0YNG my 868 has a failing audio amp or speaker (audio output fades after a short time, though not when using headphones), so it’s been rendered basically useless… pretty disappointing. only had it for like a month before this happened (but secondhand, so no warranty). no clue how to get it fixed either! 😓 not too impressed with the hardware 😬

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