I've just discovered that a teaspoon in the UK is not the same measurement as a teaspoon in the USA.

Because of course they aren't.

Should have known considering a gallon isn't a gallon...

@M0YNG fighting urge to reply with Pulp Fiction or The Matrix quote ...

@M0YNG US tsp is as close to 5mL (metric tsp) as makes no nevermind, as was imperial tsp. That an imperial pint is 20 imp oz instead of 16 us oz is a wilder difference !

@M0YNG shoot, I feel bad for not knowing this (or having forgotten).

@M0YNG Better yet, in Canada, a teaspoon could be either standard. You never know!

@ve3mal @M0YNG and I consistently get table spoons and dessert spoons muddled.

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