Odd one for you all.

I have a CurrentCost™️ energy meter that clamps onto the mains live cable between the meter and the consumer unit.
Every 6s it pings a reading over 433MHz.

Recently the supplier fuse to my house couldn't be removed so it and all the stuff it plugs into was replaced.

Now the CurrentCost™️ is reading 0w, occasionally it gives very low readings like 36w.

Nothing else changed, the clamp hasn't moved, live is still live.

What could have gone on?
Is this coincidental or cause?

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@M0YNG has the clamp /definitely/ not come adrift at any point?

If the DNO (distribution network operator, eg UKPN, SSEPN, Western Power Distribution) replaced the entire service head thats quite a big job with plenty of opportunities for something like this to be dislodged whilst the work was done...

@vfrmedia I removed and re-positioned it so if it did, I've tried to fix that about three times.

Yes, everything between the cables coming out the floor to the cables going into the meter were replaced.


Assuming the clamp is on the output side of the meter and the tails to the consumer unit have remained the same type of cable this is very strange.

Maybe try moving the clamp to the live cable on the input side of the meter (the one that comes out of the top of the service head via the fuse)?

@M0YNG if you have an RTL-SDR or similar it may also be worth scanning 433 MHz just to check the device is still sending a signal out...

@vfrmedia Tried it on the live between fuse and meter, and neutral between meter and consumer unit (for fun) but it still reads 0w.

I know it is sending 0w because I have an RTL-SDR running rtl-433 connected to MQTT and I can see the updates coming in, synced with the red light flashing, all at 0.

It has three connections (presumably to support three phase power)
I thought all read 0, but connecting to 1 seems to work ok now? (I was using 0)(2 was off by factor of 10)

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