Hey it would be really cool if when I restart your docker container and it pulls an image two major versions ahead you DID NOTHING and TOLD ME how to safely upgrade rather than completely breaking my install?

I need to retract this, I was being impatient!

Leaving it for <mumble> hours it refused to progress.

Changing the docker version, resetting the version number in the version.php file that the aborted update changed, and waiting more hours has resulted in a successful update to the intermediate major version.

I'm not waiting <mumble more hours> for the next major version update to take place!

@purple I don't think this is docker's fault. I was pleased to see nextcloud announce it was updating itself, then frustrated when it never completed, then infuriated when forcing the older version resulted in a broken something.

Nextcloud knew it was updating, it could have spotted the version jump was too big and stopped.

@M0YNG that sucks. I hope that I don't run into that with the snap version.

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