I have a semi-dead raspberry pi 3b+

The USB and Ethernet doesn't work, but the WiFi etc. is all fine.

I've taken it out of service because it was being used with USB and Ethernet so became very un-useful!

I've tried this fix, but it didn't help.

I suspect the USB/Ethernet controller is dead.

Any suggestions for things to do with a WiFi only Pi3?

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@M0YNG maybe you could use it to back up something small up like email accounts?

Just small but important bits of data which would happily fit on the SD card.

@kawaiipunk ha, it has a 128Gb card in at the moment, a LOT can fit on there!

@DL6MHC hmm. I do have an spi LCD display for a pi... The case is for a 4 not a 3 but...

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