I have an admittedly strange question: I am looking for a rackmountable device that does not cost much, generates heat, makes somehow sense or is at least fun and doesn't contain sensitive data. Maybe a small server running folding@home or maybe something else. Well it does not have to be rack mountable, but it would be an advantage. Any ideas?

Maybe an Atom based server running a TOR relay?

@DL6MHC so you want a new toy?

I mount most of my raspberry pis using Velcro style hook and loop, or cases with vesa screw holes.

Do you have a thing you want to do or ?

@M0YNG The use case is to heat a server rack that is basically outdoors but useful. I would only run it in winter. A Pi is already in the rack but what I need is heat :)

@DL6MHC oh, so you want it to be inefficient!

Something that uses a GPU?

You could run folding on it, or run games, or ...


@DL6MHC maybe a video server? Transcoding high quality files to lower resolutions would be CPU intensive.

Maybe you can rip your collection of bluray

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