Anxiety? Waiting for someone 

I have someone coming to install new gas and electric metres today.

They will be here between 0800 and 1800.

They will call before arriving.

We're nearly 20% through the possible period and still no call.

This is completely blocking my ability to start doing ANYTHING.

Anxiety? Waiting for someone 

for anyone following along at home, it has been half done!

Apparently our main fuse is welded in place so they can't install a new meter because they can't remove the grid side fuse.

Which is good to know if there was a fire or other emergency that required the fuse being pulled...

Apparently I'll have someone else come out and replace ALL of that stuff, then the electric metre can be replaced after that.

But we have a new gas metre!

Anxiety? Waiting for someone 

@M0YNG yup, have this every time any service person is going to arrive. constant anxiety from well before the “window” because I’ve had ppl arrive long before the so-called window so many times. so stressful man 😓

Anxiety? Waiting for someone 

@M0YNG I have this problem too, I have to force myself to do other things instead of worrying about when they will arrive.

Anxiety? Waiting for someone 

@m0puh bonus points for getting a notification about a delivery today too!

Anxiety? Waiting for someone 

@M0YNG 🤦‍♂️

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