Thanks @M0YNG
I discover this kind of licenses, I didn't know they exists. I think I will have a reflexion about them.
I know that if I would release software I write for my customers under these licenses, they were certainly not allowed to run the code 😬
And I'm not proud of that.
Aficionados of GNU/GPL or AGPL, I think I could change my mind.

@M0YNG this is exactly what I've been looking around for! Hope to give a go over the weekend. Thanks!

@mm6lvl awesome! Let me know how you get on! I'm certain it will not work perfectly for you :alex_laugh:

@M0YNG Works great so far! Only issues I've encounter in generating is due to my lack of familiarity with hexo data structuring.

I had to create `source/{_posts,images}` as the code looks for those directories and I also had to define `author` in `config.ini`.

Instructions all very clear!

@M0YNG Thanks for making Complex-19 available. I'm finalising my static site generator based on emacs, orgmode's HTML export/publish, and Python to build the tag/category/byDate index pages. My aims seem similar and it's interesting seeing how you've gone about it, especially in your handling of limitations of gemini. I'm probably going snaffle some of the ideas from your layout. Then I'll get it online and look at tweaking orgmode's ox-gemini to export from org-mode gemini version of the site.

Giovanni - ZL2GX
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