I got an e-ink / e-paper display! :alex_grin:
It arrived with the connector was broken off in the box :alex_sob:
I'm being sent a new one but I wonder if it is possible to reconnect this some how?
The white stuff looks like it held the ribbon cable/ flexible PCB against the screen rather than solder, but it is probably impossible for a human to line that back up and fix it in place again.
Wonder if magnet wire or something and a very fine iron and solder may work.

@M0YNG i love e-ink! Please drop a link to this one's product page.
That connector looks challenging from a layman's perspective. Maybe one of those rubbery connectors that used to be between an old Casio calculator's screen and PCB could make it work?

@jaquesviljoen it's a waveshare display, I got it from this listing on eBay:

My main concern with just sticking the two bits together is lining up the contacts correctly, they are very small and close

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