My professor wants me to combine my solar web server efforts with also doing solar HAM radio stuff. I don't know anything about radio except that my dad and his friends grew up using it to evade the Burmese regime. Send me cool HAM radio stuff for a noob thanks.

@mike @pixouls ooo. I need to write up my solar power APRS setup...

Have a look at my site but also the whole instance!

@M0YNG @mike I love the intersection of gemini space folx and radio

@M0YNG @mike i didn't look close enough the first time, but i appreciate being able to see all the data and the code


@pixouls @mike the first link doesn't have the chart, I'm not sure if it is too much info and if it actually conveys any information

@M0YNG @mike oh i see! i went to the same link instead of the chart one. The chart looks like some really cool computational poetry, but as you mentioned, might not be comprehensible to have them all on the same scale.

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