One of my Raspberry Pis that has been running fine for ages wasn't letting me ssh in - it would connect then immediately disconnect.

So I tried a power cycle, and it didn't come back up.

So I took the SD card out and ran e2fsck on it

Now EVERYTHING is in LOST+FOUND, then entire root filesystem.

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@M0YNG those SD cards are a nightmare. Only seem to show fails when you reboot.

@M0YNG I try to take an image of my SD Card every month... It happened to me too a year ago and I just put the last image on a new sdcard and all good.

@jaquesviljoen eh, it's probably my own fault. I had overloaded it with too many things, influxdb was used for one simple thing to start with, then it was more convenient to add more and more to it rather than starting another instance on a different system that was more suitable.

I'm wondering if I can recover the data, but it wasn't important

@M0YNG I'm running my latest Pi 4 on an old mechanical laptop HDD and it works great (so far > touch wood!)
I have about four other laptop HDDs I swopped to SSD over the years that are waiting for their chance at being data slaves 😄

@jaquesviljoen I hear many people say HDD is the way to go for the Pi, but SD has been fine for me for the vast majority of the stuff I do, plus they are smaller and less power hungry.

more info on my stuff if you care:

@M0YNG wow! That is quite a list! 😃 If that was my list I'd have a long list of notes to keep track 🤔

@jaquesviljoen @M0YNG I store my influxdb data on a NAS and back it up to Google Drive every night. My Pi3B+ runs various things and used to hang and need a power cycle every week or so. However, since I installed dump1090 and VirtualRadar it hasn't needed cycling, go figure!

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