@solene 's old computer challenge.

My little eee has been fairly ok today, I've reworked my tmux dashboard to fit onto the smaller screen, and been able to do most things.
But I've had to resort to my main laptop to edit the club newsletter because even if I had a GUI on here I'd struggle to run libre office to view submissions, handle images, write the newsletter, generate PDFs etc.
I can't find a way to access @Tutanota from the command line either.


What really doesn't help is the . key being missing on this tiny keyboard, which isn't backlit (so is very hard to use in the dark)

I'm getting much better with tmux though, because I sure can't multitask anything with just one framebuffer!

@KF0BRS LOL. I'm running the i386 build, with just the framebuffer terminal. I'll try to toot the thing I use to get the battery state...

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