Looks like I've killed my LDG IT-100 automatic matching unit...

I was running 6m FT8 on a half size G5RV.

The ½G5RV is not rated for 6m (as far as I know) but the matching unit seemed to manage it - just.

Now it won't match anything on any band.

I've dug out the old manual matcher and I can get the ½RV to good SWRs on the bands I tried (it doesn't do 6) so it's not the aerial, or the feed-line, or the radio, or the coax that goes from radio to matching unit.


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I did open the IT-100 and couldn't see any obvious issues, no components have let smoke out as far as I can see. listen real close to the tuning cycle and i bet it's missing a relay click or two. i've popped an LDG AT200 with 10W of PSK, so, yeah. not a fan of LDG :\

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