Guess I'm gonna have to drop Protonmail. It won't send emails to the #OpenBSD lists anymore.

What are people using for free, secure email these days?

@bcallah you might want to consider paying for a mail service - check out fastmail and migadu. also an option to run your own if you're crazy like me lol

@ben @bcallah sorry to threadjack - but can you tell me more about hosting your own email? All the guides I find are old, weird, or for complex setups and all I want is one user on one domain.

@M0YNG @ben @bcallah Have you looked at mailinabox or mailcow (if you're ok with Docker)?


@deadda7a @ben @bcallah yeah but mailinabox suggests 1gb of ram! I don't want a lot of the stuff it bundles (eg nextcloud contacts) And also says "And if disabling IPv6 is an option, disable it."

Mailcow uses memcached? I can't believe email NEEDS all these moving parts...

@M0YNG @ben @bcallah Well Email doesnt "need" it, its just all of these solutions aim at a bigger setup (but are easy to setup). You can of course do everything by yourself, but tbh Mailservers suck. The less you do yourself manually the better usually.

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