Fedi, I need some open source help.

I have a friend who has an elderly relative who keeps getting lost...

They have asked me for recommendations on location tracking.

The relative has a phone, but isn't confident using it so anything needs to Just Work with no interactions.

I know about owntracks and traccar, but my friend doesn't want to run their own server.

What am I missing?

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@M0YNG has to be open source? dare I say it, “Find My iPhone” works quite reliably and effortlessly. depends what phone their relative has, of course :)

@amatecha no, but establishing trust and privacy in this area is hard...

Sadly they have android phones.

@M0YNG Depending n the phone you could use Find my on iphone and I think Android has something similar built in already...

@M0YNG Another option could be Home Assistant, but that would require them to run Home assistant somewhere...

@n8acl android has something as part of google maps. Home assistant seems overkill for this application regardless of the hosting requirements.

@M0YNG Hey you said Opensource tracking ;) You said nothing about not being overkill... ;)

@M0YNG there are wearable things, eg watches, which have a SIM card inside and can report their location via SMS etc. Of course the person has to remember to wear it.

@M0YNG also, you can simply enable location sharing in Google maps and see someone's location with that

@ei8gvb yes, google maps was the first option we found, it certainly wins points for simplicity

@F1RUM probably not viable in this situation as we'd need to know where they are NOW not where they were before

@M0YNG quick look on f-droid shows this little util:
What seems cool about it is that it can periodically send the location files via email. It also seems to have owncloud (maybe compatible with nextcloud, haven't tried), dropbox or sftp support. After a quick look it seems like it may be configured to get position every 10 minutes or so, and send an email every hour.
There's also which sends location after receiving a special SMS.

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