I'm having a click around space and OMG it is so fast to load pages!

This leads me to conclude:
the WWW is very bloated and we're just used to stuff taking time to load even with fast connections and computers

or (probably "and")

Gemini and Lagrange are just very fast

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@M0YNG Gopher's the same way, but even more text-focused. And yes, it's funny how fast everything loads when you're not also loading and running tons of Javascript (most of which is trackers collecting data about you) just to view a web page.

@ND3JR yes, it is impressive. My site is available via http, https, tor, gopher, and gemini so it's fun to compare. Although the load time is fairly similar for http and the others - but it does have the barest minimum of javascript which is only there to let you change themes and font.

I run quite a lot of blocking on my web experience, with pihole and uBlock and I wonder how much that slows things down as the JS failing to load must take a moment or two two timeout + handle errors etc.

@M0YNG I run uBlock and NoScript here, and on older hardware. Believe me, the time it takes for JS to time out is less than it takes to run it in many cases. Blocking it definitely makes pages load faster more often than not.

But the fundamental problem is that HTTP was originally designed to handle static documents. Then people started layering hack-upon-hack-upon-hack until we got the Web of today, where everything has to be a "web app."

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