I've been having issues with my phone being connected to WiFi but not being able to connect to anything.

It's fine to start with, then stops working.
Android does not say the WiFi has no internet connection, but I can't load anything even from the local network when it happens.

Can anyone suggest a way to debug this? Maybe an app that can test various things like DNS gateway etc?

Yes I have rebooted. Turning WiFi off and on again restores connections, but not for long. Other devices are ok

@M0YNG Router sending out IPv6 Router Advertisements and you don't actually have v6 Internet access?

Can we assume you proved the router is still working by testing with another device (laptop) when this happens? Airplane mode off? Switching to mobile still works? Anything in the router logs?

In regards to an app for monitoring, I've used Ping Tools Pro for networking checks. I haven't used this part, but it does offer setting up 'watchers' for changes in state.

There's a free version that I upgraded from, might offer the same functionality.

What Phone, what router? What internet protocol ipv4 or ipv6 have you provider?

If your router itself offers an admin Web-UI, try to reach it when nothing else works. A) via DNS name, B) via IP.

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