Everyone, Please welcome @K8JTK !

Please toot an so we can get to know you 😁 add some hashtags too so we know what interests you.

You can find more people in the instance in the directory
(you can opt into this too once you have 10 "friends", and add tags to your profile) and the local timeline.

And this list of radio amateurs on mastodon, may be of interest:

And there are apps!

@nivex on closer inspection the approval didn't work properly for some reason, so I was welcoming an account that wasn't fully there yet. Fixed now hopefully...

@K8JTK Greetings! Nice to see someone on from my old stompin' grounds. de N8VNR, formerly of EN81di

@nivex @K8JTK Jeff is a great asset to our local Amateur Radio community. He is an ARRL TC and a regular member of our VE team, which until COVID-19 held monthly sessions since at least 1990. He is also a great friend! I’m glad to see him on Mastodon.

@nivex also a member of a club you've done alot of work for, Wood County ARC. Good to run into you here.

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