Help me decide!
I kinda really want a smart watch, but a hackable one that I can have complete control over.

As far as I can see there are thee options


What else is there? What would you suggest?

@M0YNG Anything that can run AsteroidOS - second hand = cheap, but good build quality (brands like LG) and you can run Quake on it!

@logout @M0YNG thank you for reminding me of this.
My unusable android watch is now better supported and I'm gonna give it a spin.

@M0YNG I think it's funny that they advertise that the pinetime has a floating point unit on the link you posted. My 286 would be jealous!

@m0puh they do! Plus they have the advantage of being in stock and in the UK.

@m0puh anything that has royal mail as a delivery option wins

@notptr @m0puh I may have ordered one... Shame it doesn't have WiFi ... But I like the idea of writing my own software for it in a language I have half a chance with (rather than some embedded thing I have never used...)

@M0YNG @m0puh I'm not thrilled that it uses javascript. Wifi would be nice but It is going to be paired with my phone so it isn't a major lost for me.

@M0YNG @notptr nice. They look fun, I definitely agree that them using something easy to play with is a big selling point.

Bangle.js if not mentioned before. Yep, JS could be an issue for someone. But they are told to be waterproof and so on.

Chronos EZ as well, but it's old school choice. It has only 433MHz radio as an interface

@M0YNG The Watchy and PineTime are very tempting!

From my perspective, I'd be looking for a watch that vibrates as my hearing is god-awful, so having the watch function as a vibrating alarm is a great feature. The Open-SmartWatch doesn't look to have a motor.

@M0YNG That does look good! Seems to have a fair amount of extensions available.

I wonder if you could use it to update the clock on a Pi over BT using the time pulled from GPS.

@M0YNG Yeah, thanks! That looks like it'd do the trick. Didn't expect to be considering buying a watch this morning, but life surprises you like that!

@mm6lvl I'm sure there are easier ways to get GPS time for a pi... You don't need this watch. 🙃

@M0YNG Haha, yeah. A nice-to-have on top of the other features, though! It genuinely looks like quite a sturdy watch as well, which is appealing.

Just need for this to be ported then I'm sold!

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