Is it just me who has the (I know, irrational and incorrect) thought that if its a sunny day the propagation will be better?

@M0YNG well, propagation from my rig is always better when it’s sunny and I want to go out and play radio.

But I do have the same irrational feeling about the sun.

@M0YNG I even called CQ on 10 metres today just in case there a was a lift.

@ei8gvb I assume without success?

One day it will not have been a waste of time to put the new York 10m FM repeater in my car radio's memory.
(On that I day I won't have the quad band aerial fitted knowing my luck)

@M0YNG I regularly check that repeater frequency just in case! 10m is my favourite band but usually (like today) months go by without a reply to my CQs.

@M0YNG Yes; we all know better, but, I still think, in some primitive part, that propagation will be better on a sunny day or clear night.

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