How do we make less hostile to women?

I've personally seen behaviour in person and on air that made me feel uncomfortable, and I'm certain that many women who might be interested in amateur radio are put off.

@laura has a great blog post about safety at conferences, and to me our club meetings are mini-conferences.

So, what can we do online, on the air, and in person, to make amateur radio less hostile to women? (yes, and other groups too)

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I'll start, here are some ideas I've proposed to @G5BK committee:

* Arrange for new visitors and members to be met by someone safe and brought into the meeting or event. Do the same for leaving meetings and events.
* Stop using XYL and use Partner
* Stop using OM
* Promote data and other non-voice modes (much more equal for people with non-male voices)
* Call out and request people stop when we see them send "racy images" over SSTV or hear them making sexist comments

@M0YNG what do you use instead of OM? I use "operator" but don't know if it's a good choice

@F1RUM that was my suggestion (but had to trim for mastodon)

Guess it's not ideal for cw etc.

However, crazy idea here, what if we used people's name? Or callsign?

@M0YNG effectively, but for tutorial, or blog post, I need a generic name. So I will continue to use "operator" 🙂

@F1RUM @M0YNG I use Amateur for the plural. Name or callsign for individuals.

@M0YNG @laura I was recently searching for QSL card pictures (to look for inspirations to make my own) and I was very disappointed with what I saw. There are very explicit pictures in many of them coming from certain countries in Europe and even some US stations. My 12 year old is going to be writing the exam soon is very excited about it. The local YL population is disproportionately low.

@vu3rdd I've see this too. But the question is what do we do about it?

Obviously we can each not use such images ourselves. But what can we do about others?
I guess if I knew someone who has a card like that I could speak to them directly, which would be a good start.
I bet for every one person who has an image like that there are more who don't like it.

@M0YNG @vu3rdd don't use XYL or OM. When using SSB don't assume someone's gender based on how they sound. If you do assume (wrongly) someone's gender and you are corrected, apologise then continue with the contact, don't argue with the person or be offensive.
When it comes to offensive operators or those who have sexualized QSL cards don't engage with them. One amateur I know of has a website full of sexualized images, I don't engage with it or their podcast.

@M0YNG @vu3rdd It's not just the QSL cards, too. It's SSTV. I can't count the number of times I've seen a 20m SSTV QSO contain a bunch of "bikini babe" images...and for what possible purpose?! IDK how to fix it other than to tell those people it's inappropriate, and then of course they'll just tell me to buzz off and do it anyway.

@roadriverrail @vu3rdd I think there is value in telling them it's inappropriate, because if enough say it and it means they don't manage to make a QSO with us then they may stop.

In my option, people should feel like they can't behave like that, and over time fewer and fewer people will see it at all and thus think it's "how it's done"

@vu3rdd @M0YNG @laura In some countries I think you could be potentially breaking the law sending sexualized images to a child. I think notifying the licencing body in the country of the sender might be a first step.

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