Now we have on What's a cool thing to do with it?
(Other than talk to people obviously)

- Look for cool XEPs:
- Maybe set up for a webchat? I am not sure if it would be a good idea to actually add it to Mastodon (even though it would definitely help with discoverability), but still, it's a cool thing

More radio related - like @DC7IA said, APRS integration? I don't think an APRS transport exist for XMPP, but it would be a pretty cool thing :D

Picking up on @sp6mr's idea: write a component implementing an #APRS <-> #XMPP transport. Or #ADS-B → #XMPP, etc.


@sp6mr @M0YNG @DC7IA

Three things that I find are seriously underrated in #XMPP are forms, ad-hoc commands and #PubSub.

If those were widely implemented in mobile (and desktop) clients you could use XMPP as a human-machine interface / remote control for almost anything with the intrinsic benefit of #authentication and in a way that's much easier to implement than an equivalent #web-based solution.

@0 @M0YNG @DC7IA seems to be a nice step in direction of wider usage of what you've mentioned 😉


Yes, though I doubt as a consumer you will ever see an implementation of that. It's more geared towards industrial control use, for instance communication with smart meters and so on.


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