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I've (hopefully) got ejabberd running on!

If you want to give it a try, connect to using your client of choice and your mastodon credentials (thanks to @mike for the magic sauce that does this)

Feel free to ping me a message and we can see if this thing is working as intended.

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@M0YNG @mike

If you have a suggested #XMPP client I'm happy to try it out !


* You are already a #Whatsapp user: #Quicksy (Android)

* You are an old school username + password type: #BlabberIM (Android)

* You are a desktop user: #Kaidan for a more minimalist experience or #Gajim for lots of switches and knobs and the annoying #Gnome / #GTK UX.

* You are something else: perhaps #ConverseJS or #JSXC will rock your boat.

You can of course choose any combination, including all of them if you want.

@M0YNG @mike

@ed_packet @M0YNG @mike

I almost forget: #Thunderbird actually supports #XMPP. Or at least, XMPP as it was known in 2005. It needs a little love, but I know a few people who actually use it.

@M0YNG @mike

Trying with the "profanity" client on MacOS:
18:03:38 - Connecting as
18:03:44 - Login failed.

timestamp US Eastern time

@w8emv I don't see you in my logs, and I think I had missed opening the firewall on ipv6 - which I think I've now done...

@M0YNG @w8emv

ok, I will try again later this evening and see if I can make it into the logs!

@ed_packet @M0YNG

Looks like a login worked! Now to get timezones synched

@M0YNG @mike
So I've logged into Miranda through the jabber server. Can't see anyone, not really sure what I'm doing.

@berry I have tried sending you a message.

Basically you want to have your username as berry and the server as and your password the same as you used to log into mastodon.

If it works, try adding as a contact and sending me a message.

Although it is late here so...

@M0YNG Thanks. don't stay awake. I'll try adding you then come back on this evening when you Europeans are awake.

@M0YNG Miranda says i'm not connected to the server. Mastodon radio account has 'locked' after it.

@M0YNG I'm a bit late to the party but I have tried adding you as a contact from my account along with trying the conference link given in the thread but the server isn't found :-(

Let the planet know there is no problem , thanks for the message back.


There was another Mastodon instance admin around here who did some #Mastodon / #XMPP integration that may be of interest to you. Will post his handle when I find it.


@0 @M0YNG there was one I know of that I was in contact with ages ago - I forget who - they used an Oauth module to authenticate against Mastodon but it had the side effect that if you enabled 2FA on your Masto account, then XMPP no longer worked.

I'm working more toward a path where you can set an additional app password for XMPP from within your Masto user profile.


Ok, I found the bot: @xmpp

As far as I can tell, you send it a message and it will create an #XMPP account for you on the instance, not sure if using your existing password or a different one.

If I'm not mistaken, the botmaster is



Should be fairly trivial to authenticate against the #Mastodon DB, no? Either using an authentication script, which I think #ejabberd can do, or a privileged component (especially if #Mastodon and the #XMPP server run on different machines).


@0 @M0YNG yes, that's exactly what my current implementation is that started this discussion.

Eventually I plan to modify the Mastodon side to enable generation or setting of a service-specific password for messaging only, but directly accessing the db is working fine on the scale I'm at right now.

Just saying that prior to this, the only other instance I knew of was using an Oauth module for their XMPP server.

@mike @0 thanks 0 for pointing me to Mike!

Basically the whole integration I have with xmpp and mastodon is thanks to him 😁

@M0YNG @mike connection using Conversations seems to have suceeded! I've even created if anyone's interested in a group chat

@sp6mr @M0YNG @mike
I tried to message through the chat Chris invited me to and got an error message saying visitors weren't allowed to messages to all occupants.

@berry @M0YNG @mike Try to leave and join again, I've updated the room configuration and it should be okay now

@M0YNG @mike Ok, I'll bite! Thanks, Mike, in advancwe, for getting this working. Oh, and that magic sauce: DELICIOUS!!

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