I saw someone post about using old browsers and old computers and how even the simplest HTTP sites were now out of the reach of these because HTTPS just doesn't work.

So, I've changed my website to not redirect HTTP to HTTPS.

Related? I've also now set up a Hidden Service.

Now you can view my website over:
* Gopher gopher://
* Gemini gemini://
* TOR jmtp5ljchlww4vedleoqeysjx6pjlo

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@M0YNG I've changed a link in my aggregator dedicated to ham. If I could do the same for all sites and not only yours...


@F1RUM I need to make my own page like that, basically just share my bookmarks :)

@logout so it was! Sorry for not trying to find your toot (I couldn't remember if I followed the Tooter or if it was on the global timeline)

I hope you enjoy the various ways you can access my uninteresting stuff!

@M0YNG For sure! I never had my sites redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS and even never had HTTPS on sites where visitors don't input anything private, so I'm glad that you joined the club!

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