A question for instance admins.

Why did you choose the software you did?
(Eg mastodon, pleroma, misskey, etc)

Would you still make the same choice now, after running your server for a while?

For me, I chose mastodon because it was the most complete and professional looking that I knew of.

I like the design choices of longer but not massive message length, no quote toots, etc.

I'd probably choose it again, but I'd also shop around more seriously first.

I kind of regret the domain name though, I think it would be better to not tie so closely to the software.

@M0YNG exactly the same feeling !
I administer and also regret the "m" subdomain. or would have been more appropriate.
I also administer a diaspora pod but I'm not very present on it (moderation is made by other members)

@M0YNG I had other things in the BEAM ecosystem, so #Pleroma was an easy choice and has proven lightweight and reliable.

For the front-end, I am enjoying @sengi_app
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