Does there exist some sort of cyber deck packet radio combo?

I'm wondering about some sort if "road warrior" for accessing and serving stuff over packet radio.

A TNC used to be big, but with direwolf and single board computers and usb-c doing power delivery at 15v it feels like you could make a chunky but compact and portable complete packet node.

@M0YNG are you wanting one for use on telnet or RF? I just got through with a 3 video series using Direwolf and a Raspberry Pi to create a Packet BBS. I have it configured for VHF but I have ran a VHF/HF one before. If I can help let me know.

@KK4QAM that sounds like an interesting video series, can you let me know where to find it?

I was thinking RF, for some reason I like the idea of being able to go somewhere and open up my kit and join (or start) local packet activity wherever I am

We are currently playing with boards on . These include an , so the idea is to use these together with a smartphone via Bluetooth. There are already projects using similar boards as (, so that may be the closest at the moment.

@M0YNG Ah! I paid a lot of money on TNCs on eBay many years ago! Painful memories!

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