If anyone is looking for browser for their phone, I can recommend available on

Ariane (A Gemini Protocol browser for Android) -

@georgia and with such quality too! Not to be harsh but overbite has been around for ages and has much less polish

Thanks I've been Gemini curious, do you know of a good "for dummies" article that explains it?

Great browser suggestion, thanks. An awesome article I found through GU search:


@M0YNG Hmm I've never really looked into small internet stuff but this is VERY intriguing.

@M0YNG Enjoying Gemini, I can focus on reading and on great content with no distractions... Just like the old days! :)

@M0YNG So I did a google since I don't personally know what Gemini protocol is...and it didn't help much. In layman's terms, what is this?

@M0YNG Ariane is great, it's come a long way real fast!

I have been using deedum on fdroid. Pretty wicked brah

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