We have over 300 users on now, and over 100 count as "active" (which is an amazing ratio!)

This is incredible, I have no intention of this becoming a "big server", but it's great to have so many people engaged in radio and active in our community.

I wonder though...
How did you all find this server?
Why did you choose it over others?
Is there anything we can do to make your experience here better?

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@M0YNG I cant remember how I found it--I think just from searching for radio stuff on Mastodon--but I liked the welcoming nature of the place, and the fact that there are very active non-American hams here as well.

@M0YNG well my simple answer is. I used a search engine and asked for the following ;
“what is the best place to be on the universe web”
= it returned with a link here 🧐🤓

So I tried again searching with long-tail keywords, where can I find brilliant and kind individuals, and you guessed it.
= it returned with a link here 🧐🤓

so here i will die.

@M0YNG my feelings when I found myself here ..... wait for it. = in my orange shirt.

** in a week i intend to remove (delete) video to save server space.

@M0YNG I did not remember how I find it. But I chose it because of the .radio. As a ham radio operator it was like a good choice. I still learning how to use mastodon but I like it. Greetings to all from the caribbean Island.

@M0YNG incredible !
How I landed here? In fact, I use, and administer, an other Mastodon instance for a French free software users organisation called G3L. I'm active on this other instance (about 7500 toots and 700 followers) and I write many things on it in French about software or privacy themes. I needed to find other hams op but didn't want to annoy my followers with English and radio subject, so I've searched for a dedicated instance on startpage. Here is my other account @jpfox

@M0YNG I found this server while looking for other Mastodon hams. I was glad to see that there was an instance that emphasized amateur radio.

I thought it would be cool to support a ham-centric microblogging community.

I look forward to the AWS S3 expansion for growth. Let's get ALL THE HAMS on 😁

@ad6dm I'm personally not a fan of "the cloud", I'd rather know exactly where my data is.

However! I appreciate your enthusiasm 😁

@M0YNG i am a former user of and cant remember how i found it. It was prob through hashtags b/c i was on a different instance first.

@M0YNG I realised I was following a number of people on this instance so I joined to find more likeminded people.
Keep doing whatever you are doing with moderating, it's working, also I like that you introduce every new person.
Its friendly here and although I don't speak French or German I love seeing the posts on my feed, it reminds me that there is a bigger world out there that deserves exploring.

I was looking for a ham radio centric server and this one seemed to have the nicest people on it.

@K3LTC @M0YNG I found here searching for a ham radio specific server, so I would not bother my followers on my art oriented account. I think I found it by hashtag searching.

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