First toot from running on my 2012 macbook pro.

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@M0YNG I had ubuntu on my 2008 macbook for many years but never could get the touchpad to work decently (or as well as it had under OSX). How are you finding it (I just used a wireless mouse anyway)

@K3LTC so far ok. No issues with the touchpad, other than losing the three finger gestures (but I'm sure that can be fixed with some scripts or something...)

@M0YNG Thats good news. It worked OK, but it wasn't as precise as under OSX but then we're also going back a year or two and as I said that was Ubuntu which isn't as bleeding edge as manjaro.

@K3LTC so far everything has "just worked".

WiFi didn't work on the other OSes I tried, but that's almost certainly just drivers.

The screen is a little issue, XFCE doesn't provide an easy way to scale the very high resolution to a readable size! Other than adjusting the DPI (I've ended up with 120 vs 96)

@M0YNG not something I had to worry about in a 2008 macbook obviously. In arch I saw this, isn't manjaro arch-based?

Xfce supports HiDPI scaling which can be enabled using the settings manager:

Go to Settings Manager > Appearance > Settings > Window Scaling and select 2 as the scaling factor.
Go to Settings Manager > Window Manager > Style and select Default-xhdpi theme.

@K3LTC I did find that, and the scaling options are x1 and x2.

x2 is far too big! I ran this before with x1.5 in OSX so I'm not ready to decide my eyesight is THAT bad...

@M0YNG LOL yeah I saw that and wondered if that might be the case. My daily laptop right now is an older Dell e7240 so no high dpi worries for me. Is Cinnamon or Gnome not a solution? Both have excellent hidpi scaling features.

@K3LTC I'm sure they could be, but I picked xfce because it's the "flagship" version of manjaro.

I've just installed enlightenment ...

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