Hmm. I do like my retina 14" macbook Pro from 2014...
But I am seriously considering popping debian on there, or some other Linux distro.

considering it's my daily computer you think I'd know better, it's actually a 13" from late 2012!

Considering it is my every day laptop, I'm hesitant to potentially screw it up ...

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@rek @amatecha @neauoire thanks for the suggestions. Any tip or tricks or things to watch out for?

@M0YNG @rek @amatecha the wifi drivers might not work, you might have to download them using tethering.

@neauoire @M0YNG @rek ahh yeah I remember this being the case with some linux liveusb on my mbp. (I ended up just adding the driver files to the USB stick so I could always install that quickly haha)

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