So many people near me have ring doorbells.

I'm tempted to try gdpr it and tell ring they do not have permission to process my data...

But are there any more... Active... Ways to prevent it recording me walking down the street?
I've seen someone who developed a targeted WiFi deauth, but that doesn't help if it's not a WiFi device, and is dubious on the legality.

@nestorovics ring as a brand is owned by amazon.
The door bells have a video camera in them.

They can be configured to record video whenever motion is detected (eg someone walks past) and upload it to "the cloud".

I'm not personally comfortable with that, and I don't know of a way to opt out of my data being collected when I walk past something

@M0YNG wow that's pretty crappy, they don't have rights to record you and upload that to the cloud, at least here in serbia you cannot point camera in neighbours yard

@M0YNG This is the best argument yet I've seen for making EMP grenades commercially available.

@M0YNG get in touch with the production company that did A Scanner Darkly and see if they'll give you the name of the vendor they got their scramble suits from.

We have one and the WiFi AP is literally next to the thing and if a neighbors WiFi broadcasts on same channel it goes down. A teardown might help to create a solution!

@M0YNG if it's at night, you can overexpose the cameras with an IR light source

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