Was there ever amateur radio (logging?) software for Palm OS?

Would be fun but pointless to use the Tungsten E I dug up when out and about!

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@F1RUM I wonder if I know anyone who could do it? 😜

Ideally it would save an adif log onto the sd card so I can copy it later.
Not sure I can hotsync anything in 2020 on debian...

@M0YNG I think I have not anymore tools to compile application for PalmOS... It was not easy with these ARM proc because base PalmOS system was for RISC architecture (old DragonBall proc). So you had to use different endianness depending of kind of environment the function you call belongs... a nightmare 😜

@M0YNG it's an aquarium screensaver. Maybe I could find the last version with a serail code??
It automatically starts when you plug the device on charging station !

@M0YNG look for nLog Database for PalmOS. There for sure was plenty of HAM software for good old Palm, it was the smart device of its day. I even recall an APRS app that could send and receive APRS packets via supported TRX over serial cable :-)

@M0YNG there was, I had it briefly when I had a palm device in my 1st year if university. Got that device from a friend, and had all sorts of apps on it. Spurred me to buy a Windows CE device by Samsung (I think) a bit later... Those were the days of a separate phone, PDA, MP3 player and camera. Literally a bag of tech that is now a smartphone!

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