I'm not entirely happy with the theme I use on my website.

I could try to write a theme myself, but then I have to learn how hexo does themes, plus a new "easy" theme library / tool.
And that seems like a lot of sunk effort.

I could change to a different static site generator, but that introduces other issues and doesn't necessarily fix the problem.

I could write my own static site generator...
That would solve some of the issues, and might not even be that much extra effort...


But that seems like a lot of sunk effort too, and there are already so many static site generators out there.

But I could remove stuff I don't want, and add stuff I do.

Like, gopher and html?

Eh, maybe I should just modify the theme I already use.

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@g0lfp it's tempting to just serve the markdown!

But that would defeat my aims of trying to improve readability, because although users CAN configure fonts, size, colours, etc. to suit them, most don't because most don't know they can, and it wouldn't work on most of the "modern" internet anyway :(

@M0YNG My site does depends on js, but then it's old and most of it is in the (very slow) process of being replaced by another site, that depends on js ;-)

@g0lfp doesn't work :P

to be fair, I can browse your site and see almost all of it with JS disabled, so it's better than most.

@M0YNG You can browse bits of it, but the dynamic content needs js... like the cluster spots panel for example.

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