Good morning Radio people!

Do we have any plans for the weekend?

I need to check the 2m packet nodes, and maybe do some js8call.

No plans for the weekend yet, but last weekend it was walking around the mountains with APRS on

@M0YNG - highly recommended, together with the city of Karpacz underneath it!

@M0YNG i hope to mount the ed fong jpole out my apartment window and find out what i can hear

@M0YNG MS0SCZ ( is going to play along with the contest this weekend. We're not actually RSGB affiliated so can't enter, but no reason we can't get contacts logged. We're going to still follow the rules as best we can, i.e. being in a field, running off portable power, etc. We'll also eat BBQ food.

(I see it's also now single operator only, but we're still likely to be doing shifts on the club call.)

@M0YNG I will be sending slow and ugly cw on 20m :-) Have a good week end Christopher 73s

@M0YNG Watching the G-QRP convention (online). Pretty nice presentations so far. Hope to take a break now and watch a few more in the evening. (5 hours 30 min TZ difference seem to work okay)

@M0YNG I have my HF ant torn down for improvement (currently waiting for stuff from the electronics dealer) so I'm living my radio hobby by reading your stories.

@M0YNG Thanks! I'm really looking forward to a more efficient ant w/ a bigger rig. Hope we can qso some day on 20m CW.

@M0YNG btw your toot totally read like "I hope you get well soon" ;) ... and it's basically the same thing.

@M0YNG I'd say "do it - it's fun", but it actually isn't - it's a lot of boring work and even though I started years ago (no kidding!) I'm really not that good myself. I hope my code proficiency improves when the new 100W rig arrives and people actually hear my slow signals.

@M0YNG Configuring and testing my Radioddity GD77 with OpenGD77 firmware.

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